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The standard of PCB board

What are the standards of PCB circuit boards? Let's look at them together.

1. The shape should be as close to square as possible. It is recommended to use 2×2, 3×3,... but don’t spell yin and yang plates.

2, PCB board panel width ≤ 260mm (SIEMENS line) or ≤ 300mm (FUJI line); if you need automatic dispensing, PCB board width × length ≤ 125 mm × 180 mm;

3. The center distance between small plates is controlled between 75 mm and 145 mm.

4. The outer frame (clamping edge) of the PCB circuit board puzzle should adopt a closed-loop design to ensure that the PCB panel will not be deformed after being fixed on the fixture;

5, in the four corners of the PCB circuit board frame out of the four positioning holes, aperture 4mm ± 0.01mm; hole strength should be moderate, to ensure that in the process of the upper and lower plate will not be broken; aperture and position accuracy is higher, the wall is smooth Burr-free;

6. There shall be no large devices or protruding devices near the connection point between the outer frame and the inner plate, the small plate and the small plate, and there shall be more than 0.5mm space between the components and the PCB circuit board edge. Ensure that the cutting tool operates normally.

Regarding the standard of PCB circuit board, we have talked about it here. I hope everyone can learn something new about PCB circuit board.


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