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how many days for the pcb prototype

PCBA factory lies in the clients establish cooperation after, usually have a PCBA proofing process, the number of PCBA details less commonly, number between 5-20. Therefore, PCBA proofing production cycle than block mass production, fastest printed circuit board assembly proofing production cycle is between 5 to 7 days.

PCBA proofing production cycle is mainly composed of the several parts: PCB production time, components procurement, SMT/DIP production time, PCBA testing time. PCB proofing can undertake urgent for pcb factory, which can realize 2-3 delivery, but the normal PCB production needs to be 4 to 5 days; Purchase components usually have stock, generally 2-4 days can reach; SMT and DIP1-2 days to complete; PCBA testing 1 day. PCBA fastest proofing production cycle can be 5 days delivery, but the actual production period and material for scarce materials, as well as related to the difficulty of the processing.


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