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how many PCBA test methods

PCBA testing PCBA processing is a very important part in process, at the end of the production process, testing complete welding PCBA board, is an important means to control quality delivery.

A, PCBA testing profile

The English translation of PCBA testing for PCBA test. printed circuit board assembly testing refers to finish SMT and DIP plug-in program PCBA board of the fire, and on the path, the environment, the respect such as voltage/current, pressure test, the test point, test scheme is selected according to the customer, through this a series of tests to ensure delivery to the customer's product is in good condition. PCB assembly test method mainly includes: ICT, FCT has grown, testing, aging test, fatigue test, vibration test, high and low temperature test.

Second, the ICT test

ICT test is also called online tester, ICT test mainly through test probe contact PCB test point to detect line open circuit, short circuit as well as the welding of the PCBA board components. ICT test has the characteristics of simple operation, high accuracy. Some mid-range PCBA board can produce the ICT test fixture, which can effectively reduce test cost.

ICT test

Three, FCT has grown test

FCT has grown test can also be referred to as the function of PCBA test, can provide a simulation environment to test target (and load), make it work in various states, to measure the output parameters conform to requirements. FCT has grown testing refers to the target of internal function test, the test content mainly includes the voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, duty cycle, brightness and color, character recognition, voice recognition, temperature, pressure measurement, motion control, buffer block FLASH and EEPROM, etc.

FCT has grown test

Four, aging test

Aging test refers to the electricity to PCBA board for a long time, the input and output in terms of test and simulation of the user operations, to ensure that its performance meets the requirement of market.

Five, the fatigue test

Fatigue test is refers to the high frequency of PCBA, long time operation, observe whether any failure, judgment test the probability of failure, in order to check the performance of PCBA board.

Six, vibration test

There is a requirement for vibration testing for some PCB, using professional vibration tester to test for a long period of time, to ensure the welding components, without any loss proportion sampling test decision according to the customer request.

Vibration test

Seven, high and low temperature test

With the test requirements of customers, support for its products with professional testing room, and to provide to 40 ℃ to 100 ℃ temperature regions such as common testing services, fully simulate product of environment temperature, maximum to ensure the reliability of the product.

In PCBA process, because the process is more complex, coupled with the equipment and personnel of complex factors, it is difficult to ensure production of PCBA board is in good condition, so the PCBA testing must be conducted at the end of the PCBA processing production, can be the bad products selected welding and repair, finally will test no problem of the PCBA board shipped to the customer, to ensure delivery to the customer of the PCBA board and the design of all kinds of parameters to achieve consistently.

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