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Technology of PCB welding process is introduced

In the process of electronic production, welding work is indispensable. Not only does it require that the components on the circuit board, and solder joints must be firm, smooth, so the welding technology is good or not directly affects the success of electronic production, so the welding technology is every electronic enthusiasts must master basic skills, will introduce the main points of the welding now: 1. The power of the choice of electric soldering iron should be determined by the size of the weld, the area of the solder joints, solder joints of heat faster, so the selection of the electric power should also be larger. General electric power has 20 30 w w w 25 to 35 w 50 w and so on. In the process of making use of around 30 w power is more appropriate. After long time use soldering iron, soldering iron head will generate a layer of oxide, tin at this moment it's not easy to eat, then you can use file file off oxidation layer, such as soldering iron after electrify soldering iron head Slight fever when insert the rosin, coated with solder can continue to use, bought a new electric also must first be tin before using them. 2. The solder and flux with low melting point solder wire and no corrosive flux, rosin, for example, unfavorable use industrial solder welding oil and corrosive acid, had better use contains rosin solder wire, use rise very convenient. 3. pcb prototype assembly Welding method components must be clean and tin plating, electronic components stored in air, due to the effect of oxidation, accompanied by a layer of oxide film on the pin element and other dirt at the same time, use a knife to scrape the oxide film before welding, and immediately coated with a layer of soldering tin (commonly known as lining), and then to welding. After the above processing components easy to weld, it is not easy to appear empty welding phenomenon. When the welding temperature and welding time should keep soldering iron temperature is higher than the temperature of the solder, but also cannot too tall, welding head come in contact with rosin just smoking for good. Low welding time is so short, the temperature of the solder joint, solder melts inadequate, solder joint coarse cause virtual welding, and welding time is too long, soldering flows easily, and easy to make components overheating damage components. Number of solder welding point cannot too little, too little welding not firm, poor mechanical strength also. And too much easy to cause a lot of appearance and internal not through. Soldering should be just the components on the weld pins completely submerged, faintly visible as well. Beginners in welding, soldering iron commonly in the welding place moving back and forth or yank, this approach is wrong. Accurate method is to use soldering iron tin coating surface to contact welding points, such heat transfer area is big, the welding speed is fast. 4. Check after welding Welding must be checked for leakage after welding, and virtual welding and short circuit caused by solder flow elements. Virtual welding are harder to find, can use tweezers clamp device pin pull gently, if discover shaken Shall promptly repair welding. 


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