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Smart products expand FPC soft board market space

FPC flexible circuit boards are becoming more and more popular in the context of the rapid development of electronic devices represented by smart phones. The excellent features make the application of FPC soft board gradually expand into new energy vehicles, GPS devices, LCD displays, radios, entertainment devices, smart watches, smart bracelets, VR helmets and sensors. With the increase in the application of sensor technology and the gradual penetration of new energy vehicles, the continuous innovation of highly intelligent wearable products has further expanded the market space of FPC soft board.

    1. The innovation of smart phones will push the use and development of FPC soft boards to a new height, and the arrival of the era of full-screen smart phones will promote the re-layout and trend of the FPC industry chain, and the wide-ranging application of flexible LED screens. The demand for FPC flexible circuit boards has been greatly stimulated. In addition, the fingerprint recognition scheme under the smartphone screen has promoted the development of the FPC soft board toward the ultra-thin and ultra-narrow layers.

    2. The development trend of new energy vehicle automation, electrification and networking has given birth to new opportunities and new developments in the reliable FPC soft board market. At the same time, the proportion of automotive electronics costs continues to rise, not only spawning professional FPC manufacturers. The development has also brought new growth momentum to the reputable FPC manufacturers, which has also contributed to the substantial increase in its output value.

    3. The continuous innovation of smart wearable products has led to the development of thin and light FPC soft boards. The high degree of convergence between high-end FPCs and wearable devices has increased the demand and development of FPC soft boards. At present, FPC soft boards are widely used in smart watches and smart glasses. For example, about 9 FPCs are used in PSVR. The rise of the wearable market, especially VR and AR technologies, will greatly increase the demand for thin and light FPC.

    It can be seen that whether it is a small smart phone, a large car, or a portable wearable device, its innovative terminal products are driving the market expansion of FPC soft boards. In the future, the FPC soft board will continue to expand toward miniaturization and thinning as consumer electronics products, and the market scale will further expand.


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