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LEAPPCB was established in 1996 and located in Shenzhen city. We providing Printed Circuit Board manufacture and assembly services to the Electronics & industry Market for many years. The products including 1-20 layer rigid PCB, aluminum PCB, multilayer PCB, independence board. From pcb prototype to large volume PCB production, Our fabrication services offer excellent quality and a high level of customization to suit low budgets. Also, provide perform electrical tests for all multilayer PCBs.

Printed Circuit Boards are the foundation of electronic assemblies and as a result quality and support are integral to the solutions which we provide. With the globalization of the electronic market, All electronic manufacturers today realize that no matter what and where their customers are, they are competing in a global marketplace. We manufacture and supply world competitive products to customers in Australia, Europe, Asia, and the USA.

Focus on long-term viability but not short-term gains. We understand short and accurate lead time is essential in today's rapidly changing marketplace. Customers need to know the exact date of the PCBs delivery so they can prepare the project schedule ahead of time. The lead time is considered as manufacturing time in LEAPCB, not including delivery time.  Our standard lead-time starts from 3 to 12 working days,  and 4 to 5 weeks for large volume production orders.

We are looking forward to servicing for you, Let LEAPPCB be your partner and we are confident that we will help your company become an established leader in your industry. So don’t hesitate to contact us right now.



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