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Circuit board (pcb) common unit conversion formula

1um=? Mm, 1mil=? MM circuit board pcb common unit conversion formula

For those engaged in the circuit board pcb industry, it is inevitable that they will encounter various data units. Conversion between various units is also often required. It is often necessary to find the conversion value. In order to facilitate the pcb practitioners, pcb engineering pcb electronic engineers and other personnel use learning. The following is an example of the conversion values between various units for your reference.

The following is an example of the conversion values between various units commonly used on circuit boards for your reference. Chinese and English abbreviations are noted. I believe the following unit conversion is the value that everyone keeps learning.


1 line width / line spacing / plating thickness Common units: 1um (1 micron) = 0.001mm (0.001 mm)

1um=0.03937 mil

1um = 40uin (some companies say micro inches are wheat, actually micro inches)

1um (1 micron) = 0.001mm

1mil=0.0254MM (converted by: 1mil=1/1000inch=0.00254cm=0.0254mm)

Therefore, know: 4mil / 4mil = 0.1mm / 0.1mm line width line spacing 1mil = 25.4um 1mil = 1000uin mil mil sometimes also into the British two (pcb plate copper berth thickness common units) 1OZ (ounces) = 35UM (micron) = 28.35 g / square foot

1OZ (ounces) = 28.35 grams, this is an imperial unit

1OZ (ounces) = 28.35 grams / square feet = 35UM microns H / H = 18um / 18um micrometers Double panel, both sides are 18UM copper thickness three Relatively uncommon bit conversion:

1 foot = 12 inches

1 inch inch=1000 mil mil

1ASD = 1 amp / square demeter = 10.76 amps / square foot (1 square demeter = 10.76 square feet)

1AM=1 amp minutes=60 coulomb Mainly used for precious metal plating such as gold plating

1 square foot = 9.29 square centimeters 1 gallon (inch) = 4.5 liters

1 gallon US system = 3.785 liters

1KHA=1000A hours

1 amp hour = 3600 coulombs


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