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Teach you how to identify PCBA and PCB in a minute

Some beginning contact electronics manufacturing industry, might be in PCBA and PCB is not very clear, is also likely to confuse the two small make up new to electronic industry, also encountered such a problem. In order to let everyone can quickly identify them, reduce unnecessary trouble, small make up then introduce the difference between the PCBA and PCB.


A, identify PCB

PCB there are many kinds of, can be called a circuit board, circuit boards, printed circuit board, etc., are the important electronic components, used to support electronic components, electronic components of the connection.

Second, understand PCBA

The abbreviation of PCBA is Printed in English Cirruit Board Assembly, but abroad, generally the PCBA for PCB Assembly. Empty is the PCB board through SMT, DIP plug-in and test process, form a finished product, PCBA for short.

Third, the difference between the PCBA and PCB

PCB board is a piece of empty, what on the surface of the board did not; And PCBA is on empty PCB processing, installation of resistor, capacitor, chip components, such as formation has certain function of the board, all the core part of electronic products are composed of PCBA.




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