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The basic process of PCBA and electronic products processing

PCBA and electronic products processing factory in cooperation with customers to determine later, need to pass a number of manufacturing processes, and multiple departments together to cooperate, to produce perfect products. PCBA and electronic products processing and main process of material procurement, SMT processing, DIP plug-in processing, PCBA testing, finished product assembly and logistics links. Next to a set of processes on the PCBA and electronic products processing.

PCBA electronic products processing

1, determine the cooperation, provide data file

After negotiations, both sides determine cooperation, customers began to place an order, and provide the necessary product processing bom, PCB and PCBA testing solutions such as data file.

2, check the data

PCBA and electronic products processing factory after received customer information files, will be sent to the engineer to check the information, after confirmed can be material purchasing.

3, material purchasing

Engineer to check the information, purchasing department will be carried out in the purchase of electronic components and PCB order production.

4, material arrived, inspection and processing

Material to achieve, for incoming inspection process, and then deliver the PMC to plan production.

5, SMT processing, DIP plug-in processing

Material on-line production, through the solder paste printing, SMT, reflow, wave soldering and AOI inspection, DIP plug-in processing link, complete the processing of PCB welding, the processing of every link of quality inspection.

6, PCBA testing

PCBA and electronic products processing factory will provide test plan, according to the customer for the ICT test and aging test, FCT has grown, the basic function such as testing, product quality control, improve product yield.

7, packaged goods

PCBA and electronic products after the test, can according to customer needs, for packaging, and conduct OQA sampling, to ensure that no problem, can be shipped.

PCBA and electronic products processing process is complex, which something is wrong with process, can cause serious quality problem, need in the process of the production process of strict quality control.


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