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Thermoelectric separation process technology of copper substrate

Thermoelectric separation substrate: The circuit part and the thermal layer part of the substrate are on different circuit layers, and the thermal layer part is directly in contact with the heat dissipation part of the lamp beads to achieve the best heat dissipation (zero thermal resistance), which is generally a copper substrate.

The copper substrate for thermoelectric separation refers to a production process of the copper substrate is a thermoelectric separation process. The substrate circuit part and the thermal layer part are on different circuit layers, and the thermal layer part directly contacts the lamp bead heat dissipation part to achieve the best heat dissipation. Thermal conductivity (zero thermal resistance).


      1. Use copper base material, high density, strong heat-carrying capacity of the substrate itself, good heat conduction and heat dissipation.

      2. The thermoelectric separation structure is adopted, and there is no thermal resistance in contact with the lamp beads. Minimize the luminous decay of the lamp and extend its life.

      3. Copper substrate has high density and strong heat-carrying capacity, and its volume is smaller under the same power.

      4. Suitable for matching single high-power lamp beads, especially COB package, to achieve better results.

      5. Various surface treatments (immersion gold, OSP, tin spray, silver plating, immersion silver + silver plating) can be performed according to different needs, and the surface treatment layer has excellent reliability.

      6. According to the different design needs of the lamp, different structures can be made (copper bumps, copper recesses, thermal layer and circuit layer parallel).


    Not suitable for single electrode chip bare die packaging.


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