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How should PCBA surface be treated after welding

PCBA after welding, PCBA board face will remain a tin, flux, such as dust and fingerprints, lead to the surface of the PCBA board is dirty, and organic acid of the flux residue and ions can cause corrosion and short circuit of the PCBA board.As a result, the PCBA must be treated surface after welding.

The residues on PCBA can be treated by manual cleaning and machine cleaning.

I. manual cleaning

When using manual cleaning, special washboard water can be used for cleaning.The water in the washing board will dissolve the flux residue, which can be cleaned quickly.But the use of washboard water is difficult for the intensive components and the tight spacing of the pins.

Machine cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning machine machine cleaning way is usually be used for cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning machine by sound waves, the liquid and the cleaning trough in certain frequency resonance, which can effectively remove some of the components of dense spacing, simple operation, good cleaning effect.

In the small and medium PCBA welding processing plant, the surface of the printed circuit board assembly is handled in the manner of washing board water cleaning.This is due to the use of washing board water cleaning production cost is relatively low, while ultrasonic cleaning machine is more expensive.When the general PCBA cleaning is completed, the PCBA plate should be dried and the packaging should be used for the final use of anti-static bags.


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