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Recommend the most optimal PCB board way

In the process of PCBA assembly processing, often found that there are many pcb prototype makeup, often need to separate the PCB before the finished product assembly. PCB plate methods are divided into manual plate, feeding type plate (V - CUT) and cutter plate type. Points on PCB board, should according to the product demand and engineering design to choose the appropriate points plate process. Different ways of points plate has its own advantages and disadvantages: 1, manual points advantage: rapid aging Weakness: the manual plate is likely to cause stress sensitive components damage. 2, the feeding type plate (V - CUT) advantages: low cost, simple operation, quick speed, long service life Disadvantages: only the straight line board, has a flash advantages: 3, cutter plate plate shape can be arbitrary points, stress is small, the cutting edge of no burrs Weakness: the cost is larger for the first time.


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