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How to remove PCBA soldering tin

PCBA in the process of welding, owing to lack of preheating zone, temperature, flux coating and when using the soldering iron temperature is too low, too much is easy to appear on the surface of PCBA after welding beads or tin grains. So how to clear the beads on the printed ciruit board assembly board?

PCBA welding

First, use a magnifying glass to observe tin beads residual position, according to the different position of residues on the PCBA board, can use different ways to remove. If the position is in PCBA resistance welding tin beads (green reservoir), solder ball and solder resist layer between the adhesion is not strong, can use anti-static brush to remove, you can also use water to wash the plate removal. If solder ball position is on the pin of component, use soldering iron to repair its removal.


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