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How to find the reliable pcb and pcba manufacturer

Electronic product development, after finished the design of the product, prepare listed before, generally looking for pcb factory proofing products sample production. Today, PCBA proofing manufacturers, processing power levels not neat, so how do you in the boundless huge crowd to find manufacturer of PCBA proofing?

PCBA proofing

The degree of specialization, factories

PCBA proofing is a more complex process, need the coordination between various departments, the degree of specialization can be seen from the factory the factory whether have the processing power of products.

1, whether to have professional equipment.

PCBA processing production need very professional equipment, such as high-speed placement machine, reflow soldering temperature area, AOI detector, ICT tester and other equipment online, all of these is the basis of the production.

2, have a professional process management

PCBA proofing production need professional equipment, but also need professional routing management to control the quality. Generally good PCBA proofing factory passed the ISO9001 quality management system, the IPC - A - 610 e electronics assembly acceptance standard certification, such as whether to have the SOP jobs wi data file to guide employee behavior. By looking at the documents, qualification and certification of the factory, you can probably understand the strength of the factory quality control.

Second, the service consciousness

PCBA proofing manufacturers to provide processing services, rather than with real products. A factory with good service consciousness of PCBA proofing can when customers have a problem, take the initiative to take responsibility, the corresponding quickly, solve problems for customers. A factory PCBA proofing service consciousness, therefore, it is very important. PCBA proofing manufacturers service consciousness can through understanding the company's corporate culture and business personnel to understand customer's attitude.

Third, industry experience

Nowadays, PCBA industry is experiencing a sweep, poor management of some PCBA proofing manufacturers began to collapse, with many years of industry experience to a certain extent, embodies the strength of a PCBA manufacturer. Secondly also look at manufacturing products, is a high-end, midrange and low-end, which in the field of manufacturing of products, through these to judge whether to match their own, only the right is the best.

Four, price

On the market, the price of the PCBA proofing is relatively transparent, has a high price, also have low price, but not the lower the price, the better. Some PCBA proofing manufacturers choose purchase original components from formal channels, as well as strict quality control, can make the processing costs; And some PCBA proofing manufacturers in order to lower the price, may be easier to cut corners, cause the quality is not stable. What is called a penny a points goods, we should according to own situation, to choose appropriate cost-effective PCBA proofing manufacturers.


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