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What is the SMT components

SMT components the surface installation components, also known as the SMD components or chip components. Them is both the basis of SMT and the power of the development of SMT, driving the SMT equipment and technology constantly updated and deepen. SMT components including SMT components (Surface Mounted Commponents, SMC), surface-mount Devices (Surface Mounted Devices, SMD), Surface installed electrical components and surface-mount fittings and so on several big types.

pcb factory SMT components

SMT components on the function the same as the traditional plug-in components, first appeared in the 1960 s, electronic products, made it possible to miniaturization of electronic watch. After they became available, it shows strong vitality, frequency characteristic and advantages of resistance to vibration, compact installation is for traditional plug-in components, thus greatly stimulated the electronic products to the multi-function, high performance, the direction of miniaturization and low cost.


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