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The method of making the circuit board

printed Circuit board is zero device necessary all kinds of electronic products, its main function is to provide the carrier, for the various components and realize the current connection between components, and form a complete circuit. As the miniaturization of electronic products, functional requirements more and more, SMT process technology also obtained the very big development, the method of making the circuit board is becoming more and more is also high. There are two big making method, one is using chemical or mechanical parts of the circuit board to remove, the other to add other material on the circuit board. Discussion of several kinds of method is given priority to with chemical methods: 1. After the light-sensitive circuit board design circuit diagram, draw with not pervious to light the oily pen, wiring tape on the slides, or printed directly after using computer graphics. On clean the circuit boards of sensitizer, with slides cover after irradiation light. Unexposed sensitizer as copper foil protective layer, after exposure of sensitizer will wash off when soaking developer. Next to the imaging after the completion of the circuit board in the ferric chloride solution, make to corrosion of the copper foil, reoccupy clear water is etched circuit plate clean. The last hole on the circuit board of complete drilling parts, is completed. 2. Using the designed circuit diagram screen printing screen mask, no need to part of the circuit with water content data covering, to not be corrosion protective coating on the screen mask, protective agent through the screen "painting" in the blank on the circuit board, when we put the circuit board in the fluid of the corrosion, no will diminish corrosion protective agent, we to part of the reserves, and then clear out protective agent, that is, the manufacture of the complete circuit board. 3. In the substrate coated with a layer of thin before electroplating copper, and cover the photoresist (D/F), after exposure and development process, role out to places, thickening of the copper in electroplating way will be here, then a layer of gold plated coke, finally get rid of the photoresist and dropped the copper foil layer under the photoresist etching, to complete. Today, electronic products have been widely popular, the demand for printed circuit board is becoming more and more big, has a very big market prospect, but toward miniaturization of electronic products, muti_function change direction, so is very important for PCB and printed circuit board assembly production are also put forward the request


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