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4 steps of DIY pcb board

In SMT production, printing refers to the solder paste printing throughout the PCB of the corresponding welding plate, prepare for the next working procedure patch. Manual printing refers to the use of manual printing machine (also known as screen printing machine), artificial for solder paste printing process.

Manual printing

The printing process basically has the following four steps.

1) will rebound and solder paste mixture razed and stick in the steel net, don't take too much solder paste, increases with the increasing printing.

(2) will be printed in the correct direction of pcb prototype in the printing machine positioning put away, put down the stencil, check whether mesh and PCB solder correct alignment.

(3) with a scraper scrape the solder paste, solder paste of steel net rolling shape, along the direction of the PCB printing from above.

(4) the printed PCB from printing on the stage. Check whether there is error, much less tin, tin, even the phenomenon. The unqualified use water to wash away wash plate top solder paste, after waiting for board dry reprint


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