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Produce printed circuit board assembly

PCBA welding processing is electronic companies to provide the Gerber files and BOM list, electronic processors in accordance with the electronic manufacturers to provide information for electronic components welding processing bare PCB board. Electronics makers welding ability directly affects the quality of the PCBA board and use cycle. shenzhen leap electronic specialized in all kinds of high precision single panel, double panel, multilayer circuit board, hard and soft combination of plate welding, according to the IATF16949-2016 version of international standard set up and improve the quality management system, ensure the quality of PCBA assembly and welding.

PCBA welding processing

PCBA welding process

Electronics manufacturers to provide PCB Gerber file, electronic manufacturers according to the BOM list after checking purchasing electronic components, and material quality inspection

Online production, material online before the need for stencil making and SMT computer program

printed circuit board assembly first proofing, mass production after confirmation. The solder paste printing, reflow soldering, SMT, AOI inspection, quality inspection, plug-ins and wave soldering process

Production of finished products to the quality department, inspection, quality inspection qualified after the delivery of packaging


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