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PCB panel design considerations

Some PCB due to the small, often designed to puzzle the way, can not only facilitate the processing production of electronics factory, also can reduce waste, reduce the cost. In order to facilitate PCB manufacturing and PCBA processing, puzzle in PCB design, a lot of problems need to pay attention to. When PCB puzzle design considerations Puzzle generally need to design in order to facilitate production, PCB Mark point, V groove, technological edge. A, 1, PCB makeup puzzle shape frame (clamping side) should be used in closed loop design, PCB after makeup on the fixture will not be out of shape. 2, PCB makeup width of 260 mm or less (SIEMENS) or 300 mm or less (FUJI); If you need automatic dispensing, PCB makeup width x length is 125 mm * 180 mm or less. 3, PCB makeup appearance as far as possible close to the square, 2 * 2, 3 * 3, is recommended for the... Makeup; But don't Mosaic board of Yin and Yang; 2, 1, V groove after open V groove, the thickness of the remaining X should be (1/4 ~ 1/3) thickness L, X must be 0.4 mm or more but the minimum thickness. For bearing heavy board recommended limit, for bearing a lighter board recommended limit. 2, dislocation of V groove on both sides of the up and down cut S should be less than 0.1 mm; Because of the limitation of the minimum thickness of effective of less than 1.2 mm thick plate, should not be used V groove makeup. Three, Mark point 1, set the benchmark anchor point, usually around the anchor point set aside in welding area is larger than the 1.5 mm. 2, used to help optical positioning have patch SMT machine device PCB diagonal has at least two asymmetric benchmark, the whole piece of PCB optical orientation with reference point in the whole piece of PCB diagonal corresponding position; Block PCB optical orientation with reference point is in commonly block PCB diagonal position accordingly. 3, the lead spacing of 0.5 mm or less QFP (quad flat package) and ball spacing of 0.8 mm or less BGA (ball grid array package) device, in order to improve the SMT precision, requires two diagonal set the benchmark in the IC. 1, the casing outside the puzzle on the side of four, process with small plate, plate and small plate near the connection point between cannot have big device or out of the device, and the edge of the PCB and components should have greater than 0.5 mm of space, in order to ensure the normal operation of the cutting tool. Five, the plate positioning hole 1, used for the whole PCB board and used for fine pitch components positioning reference symbols, in principle, the distance is less than 0.65 mm of QFP should be set in the diagonal location; Used to panel fr4 PCB plate locating datum symbol should be used in pairs, decorated in diagonal positioning elements. 2, large components should have positioning column or positioning hole, such as I/O interface, microphone, battery interface, micro switch, headphone jack, motor, etc. A good PCB designers, in the idea of design, want to consider the factors of production, convenient processing, improve the production efficiency, reduce production cost.


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