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flexible printed circuit advantage

1: flexibility

One of the obvious advantages of FPC is that it can be used more conveniently in three-dimensional space and can be crimped or folded.As long as it is curled within the permissible radius of curvature, it can withstand thousands to tens of thousands of times without damage.

2: reduced volume

Even in the component, with the use of wire rope, soft plate conductor cross-section thin and flat, reduce the wire size, and along the casing forming, make equipment more compact and reasonable structure, reduced the volume.Compared with the rigid PCB, the space can be saved 60-90%.

3: weight loss

In the same volume, the soft PCB with the wire cable ratio, under the same load flow, its weight can be reduced by about 70%, compared with the rigid PCB, the weight is reduced by about 90%.

4. Consistency of assembly.

With the soft PCB, the wire cable connection error is eliminated.As long as the process drawing is checked and approved, all subsequent circuits are the same.There is no wrong connection when loading the cable.

5: increased reliability.

When the soft PCB is used, the connection can be reduced by wiring in the three planes of X, Y and Z, so that the reliability of the whole system can be increased and the fault detection is provided.

6. Electrical parameter design controllability.

According to the requirements, the designer can control the capacitance, inductance, characteristic impedance, delay and attenuation when designing the soft PCB.Can be designed to have transmission line characteristics.Because these parameters are related to wire width, thickness, spacing, insulation thickness, dielectric constant, loss Angle tangent, etc., this is difficult to do when using wire cable.

7: the end can be soldered.

The flexible printed circuit, like the rigid PCB, has the terminal pads, which can eliminate the stripping and tin lining of the wires, thus saving the cost.Terminal pads are connected to elements, devices and plugs, which can be soldered or soldered to replace the manual soldering of each wire.

8: materials are optional.

Soft PCB can be made according to different use requirements and different base materials.For example, polyester film can be used in applications requiring low cost.In high demand applications, it is necessary to have excellent performance and can use polyurethane film.

9: low cost

With soft PCB, the total cost can be reduced.This is because:

1) due to the consistency of various parameters of flexible PCB wires;It is convenient to replace the error and rework of the cable conductor when it is connected, and the replacement of the soft PCB is more convenient.

2) the application of soft PCB simplifies the design of the structure, which can be directly attached to the component, reducing the wire clip and its fixed parts.

3) for wires that need to be shielded, the price of soft PCB is lower.

10: processing continuity.

Flexible PCB can be continuously produced due to the continuous rolling supply of soft foil.It also helps to reduce costs.


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