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FPC flexible circuit board application field

The mature development of polymer materials makes the bending of the circuit board change, which can be divided into three applications:

1. FPC flexible circuit board, which is divided into single and double layers, and of course, people have different product titles according to special process and structure.

2. Membrane switch, the circuit is divided into single and double layer, but the line most are finished printing way make on the polyester film, cooperate with the carbon ink printing, jump line combination and various kinds of buttons, form a complete diaphragm buttons, used in all kinds of instruments and equipment.At present, blood glucose test tablets are made in part by this technique.

3. Plastic stereo circuit board and the patented product of American company, but it is not widely used.

The mold interconnection element is also a kind of stereo circuit technology, it is a kind of three-dimensional circuit structure product which can be made on the plastic base material.The technology is currently used in stereo antennas and car panel types, but other applications are less common.


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