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Process flow of FPC flexible circuit board

Prenatal treatment

To make a good FPC flexible circuit board must have a complete and reasonable production process, from pre-production pre-processing to final shipment, every procedure must be strictly implemented.In the process of production, in order to prevent short circuit caused by the excessive low yield or reduce drilling, rolling and cutting process problems caused by the FPC board scrap, feeding problems, and assess how to use the best material to meet customer effect of the flexible circuit board.Prenatal pretreatment is particularly important.

Prenatal pretreatment, there are three aspects to be dealt with, all three aspects are completed by engineers.First, the FPC board engineering evaluation is mainly to evaluate whether the FPC flexible circuit board of the customer can be produced, and whether the production capacity of the company can meet the requirements of the customer and the unit cost;If engineering through evaluation, and then need to prepare material immediately, to meet the production of raw materials supply, finally, engineers to: customer engineering documents, such as CAD diagram, gerber line data processing, in order to suit the production environment of production equipment and production specifications, then the production drawings and MI (engineering process card), and other materials to the production and control, purchasing and other departments, into the regular production process.

The production process

Double panel

Cutting and drilling to PTH, electroplating to pretreatment, stick to the dry film - para - the exposure and development - graphic electroplating - to take off the film - before treatment - stick dry film to para exposure, development and etching, take off the film - surface treatment - stick covering film to suppress, curing to sink the nickel and gold - printed characters - shear, electric logging - cutting to final inspection, packaging and shipment

Single panel

Cutting and drilling to stick the dry film - para - exposure, development and etching to take off the film, surface treatment to stick to suppress, covering membrane curing, the surface treatment - heavy nickel gold - printed characters to shear, electric logging, cutting to final inspection, packaging and shipment


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