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Composition of flexible circuit board price

Electronics factory procurement staff are generally was confused by the flexible circuit board and changeable price, even if some of the flexible circuit board for many years purchasing experience all workers may not understand why, in the flexible circuit board price is actually made up of the following factors:

A flexible circuit board USES different materials to create a variety of prices

In ordinary double panel, for example, sheet metal generally have a PET, PI and so on, the thickness range from 0.0125 mm to 0.10 mm, thick copper from 1/2 level Oz to 3 Oz is different, all of these in the sheet metal on a creates a huge price difference;The brand difference of material also has certain price difference, so the material difference causes the diversity of price.

Second, the flexible circuit board adopts the different production process that causes the price diversity

Different manufacturing processes cost different things.Such as gilding plate and tin plate, the precision of the shape, the use of the silk line and the dry film line will be different cost, resulting in the price diversity.

3. The price diversity caused by different difficulty of the flexible circuit board itself

Even if the material is the same, the process is the same, but the difficulty of the flexible circuit board itself can cause different costs.If there are 1000 holes in both circuit boards, the diameter of a plate is greater than 0.6mm and the aperture of the other board is less than 0.6mm.If two circuit boards other same, but the line width line spacing is different, a kind of not less than 0.15 mm, a kind of less than 0.15 mm, also can lead to different cost of production, because the board scrap rate is higher, it is difficult inevitable cost increase, resulting in the diversity of the price.  

4. Different customer requirements can also result in different prices

The discretion of the customer's requirement will directly affect the yield of plate factory, as A kind of board according to the IPC - A - 6013, class1 requires qualified rate of 98%, but according to the requirements of class3 may only 90% percent of pass, resulting in different cost plate factory, finally lead to the product price variable.  

V. price diversity caused by different manufacturers of flexible circuit boards

Even if the same product, but because of different process equipment, technical level, also can form different cost, nowadays a lot of manufacturers like gold plated board production, because the process is simple, low cost, but also a part of the factory production of gold plated board, scrapping the rise, cause cost increase, so they prefer to produce tin plate or tinplate, so their tin plate quotation is lower than gold plated board instead.

Vi. The price difference caused by different payment methods

At present, the flexible circuit board factory generally adjusts the price of flexible circuit board according to the mode of payment, ranging from 5% to 10%, which also results in the difference of price.

7. Different regions cause the diversity of prices

At present, the price is increasing from the south to the north, and the prices in different regions are different, so the regional difference also causes the diversity of prices.Through the discussion above it is not hard to see, the diversity of the flexible circuit board price is its internal inevitable factors, this section provides only a rough price range, for reference, the specific price, of course, is to contact manufacturers directly.

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