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PCB substrate of different materials introduced

Substrate is the basic material for manufacturing PCB, the performance of PCB, the quality of processing, the processing cost, the manufacturing level, etc., to a large extent depends on the substrate material. FR-2 FR-2 (flame retardant 2), phenolic paper or phenolic paper, paper impregnated with phenolic resin. Cheap, low-end consumer electronics applications in the application of single-sided circuit boards. Electrical performance is lower than FR-4. Poor arc resistance is typically rated at 105 ° C. The composition of the resin varies from vendor to supplier. FR-4 FR-4 (flame retardant 4), impregnated with epoxy resin woven glass fiber cloth. Low water absorption (about 0.15%), good insulation properties, good arc resistance, PCBA processing plant is often used in the plate. Verified, performance is recognized by the manufacturer. FR-4 is very common, has become the main PCB industry. Provide several grades with different characteristics. Normally the rated temperature is 130 ° C. FR-4 PCBs with a thickness of about 0.1mm can be used to bend the circuit board. Different grades, with different parameters; version has a higher Tg, higher tracking and so on. Third, aluminum or metal core board or insulated metal substrate Aluminum or metal core board or insulated metal substrate (IMS), the use of thermal thin dielectric, for the need for a large number of cooling components: power switch and LED. Generally used is a single layer, sometimes double layer of thin circuit board. FR-4, laminated on aluminum sheet, typically 0.8, 1, 1.5, 2 or 3 mm thick. Thicker laminates sometimes also cause thicker copper metallizations. Fourth, the flexible substrate Flexible substrate can be a separate copper foil, or can be laminated to a thin reinforcement, such as 50-130 microns 1, Kapton, polyimide foil, for flexible printed circuit, in small size consumption Electronic products or flexible interconnects are more common. High temperature. 2, Pyralux, polyimide, fluoropolymer composite foil. The copper layer is layered during the welding process. 5, less common substrate materials in the pcb factory are: 1, FR-1 (flame retardant 1), such as FR-2, usually specified as 105 ℃, some grades up to 130 ℃. Room temperature can be washed. Similar to cardboard. Poor moisture resistance Arc resistance. 2, FR-3 (flame retardant 3), dipped in epoxy resin paper. Normally the rated temperature is 105 ° C. 3, FR-5 (flame retardant 5), woven glass fiber and epoxy resin, high strength at higher temperatures, usually defined as 170 ° C. 4, FR-6 (flame retardant 6), matte glass and polyester 5, G-10, glass fiber and epoxy resin, high insulation resistance, low moisture absorption, bond strength is very high. Normally the rated temperature is 130 ° C. 6, G-11, glass fiber and epoxy resin, high solvent resistance, high bending strength at high temperatures to maintain, usually rated at 170 ° C. CEM-3, CEM-3, non-woven glass and epoxy resin 10, CEM-4, glass fiber and epoxy resin 11, CEM-1, CEM-1, , CEM-5, woven glass and polyester 12, PTFE, pure PTFE, expensive, low dielectric loss, suitable for high frequency applications, very low hygroscopicity (0.01%), mechanical soft. Difficult to laminate, rarely used for multi-layer applications. 13, PTFE, ceramic filled, expensive, low dielectric loss, suitable for high frequency applications. Different ceramic / PTFE ratios can adjust the dielectric constant and thermal expansion. 14, RF-35, glass fiber reinforced ceramic filled PTFE. Relatively cheap, good mechanical properties, high-frequency characteristics of good 15, alumina, ceramic filling. Relatively hard and brittle, the price is very expensive, the performance is very high, good thermal conductivity. 16, polyimide, high temperature polymer. Expensive, high performance. High water absorption (0.4%). Can be used for low temperature to 260 ° C or more.


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