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PCB design how much proportion in the whole electronic product design

When developing a new electronic products, the early stage of the work is on the whole electronic products for the design of a complete, in the electronic design, PCB is product of core parts, all of our design intent of the final implementation is performed by PCB. The PCB design is critical in any project.

But in the design of before, because of low frequency density is small, the spacing between the discipline of the device is very big, PCB design for the purpose of work is connected, no other functionality and performance of the challenge. So for a long time, PCB design is very low in the position in the whole project. Is usually composed of hardware logical connection design for PCB physical connections. At present in some small products are such development mode.

With the rapid development of electronics, communication technology, today's PCB design is very different from the past, new challenges. Mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1, on the edge of the signal rate faster and faster, the clock rate is higher and higher, both within and outside piece now clock frequency is no longer the past a few megabytes, hundreds of megabytes thousands of times of the clock on the veneer is becoming more common. Due to the rapid development of chip technology, signal rate is faster and faster, the edge of current signal rise along at about 1 ns. This will lead to system and board-level SI, EMC problems become more prominent.

2, circuit integration scale is more and more big, the number of I/O is increasing, the veneer interconnection density increasing; Due to the increasingly powerful function, integration of the circuit is higher and higher. The processing technology of the chip level more and more is also high. The past DIP encapsulation on the veneer of now almost disappeared, small spacing of BGA, QFP becoming the mainstream of the chip encapsulation. So that the density of PCB design is increasing also.

3, product research and development, and to the market shrinking, that we must face the disposable design challenge of success; Time is of the cost, time is money. In the field of electronics such renewal particularly fast, products available a day earlier, his profit window of opportunity will be much bigger.

4, because the PCB is the physical carrier of product realization. In high speed circuit, the relationship between the PCB quality to the product function and performance. The same device and connection, different PCB carrier, their results are different.

So now, the design process has been slowly changed. Used in the design of logical function design often account for more than 80% of the hardware development and design, but now the proportion has been declining, in terms of logic functions in the design of the hardware design of only 50%, the specific provisions of PCB design department also account for 50% of the time. Experts expect in the future, in the design of the logic function of hardware overhead to smaller and smaller, and the development and design rules of high-speed PCB design aspects, such as spending will reach 80% or more.


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