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What is the reason for PCBA baking

First of all, we need to understand why PCBA needs to be baked. PCBA baking is to remove excess moisture and improve the reliability of the board.

Generally, the factory default PCB board has a tidal sensitivity level of three levels of tactile sensors, so the baking will be in accordance with Level 3 component baking, but sometimes, if the pcb board exposed in the air too long or the dampness of the board too bad,so the board need to continue to be baked in accordance with the three moisture sensitive components, there will be PCB explosion situation, generally Occur in the middle of the insulation layer, mainly because the PCB is exposed to high temperature and heat after being exposed to moisture. The vapor in the plate will generate a strong vapor pressure. If the expansion pressure caused by the vapor pressure is greater than the bonding force at each interface in the material, it will Explosion occurred.


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