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How do Hardware Engineers Choose the Right PCBA Factory

There are often hardware engineers who don't know how to choose a suitable factory. Some people say that they have to look at the certificate and see if the factory has various kinds of certificates. If the certificate is complete, it is a trustworthy factory. It must be said that the certificate is on the one hand. However, it cannot be used as the sole criterion for judgement. It also needs to be combined with other aspects to make a comprehensive judgment. It is best to be able to audit the factory on site, and then from the factory scale, workshop environment, production equipment, the staff's mental outlook, warehouse scale. And so on a series of aspects to judge.

1, the scale of the factory

The size of a factory directly determines the amount of production capacity. Too big a factory may not want to make orders in small batches. A factory that is too small may not reach the target production capacity. Therefore, choose one according to your actual situation. The right factory, the size and the number of their own orders match.

2, workshop environment

In a good factory, the workshop must be clean and free from pollution, and the temperature and humidity are up to the standard. In this environment, the quality of the products can be maximized.

3, production equipment

The old and new production equipment, the brand of the machine, will also have different effects on the process. When you choose, you must look at the operating conditions of the equipment, whether the equipment is matched, whether it can meet your production needs, and you must choose a pcba factory with advanced production equipment. Cooperative production.

4. The spirit of the staff

In a good factory, the spirit of the workers must be positive. The work is responsible and serious. The entire team is full of passion. This mental outlook has a positive effect on production.

5, warehouse scale

You can visit the factory's warehouse to determine if the factory is professional and attention-oriented, from the scale of the warehouse, the placement of materials, the placement of incoming materials, semi-finished products, products to be inspected, and finished products.


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