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why the pcb choose green soldermask color

In fact, the fans who have been learning the circuit all the time may have the question, which is why most of the circuit boards we use are green?In fact, PCB boards are not necessarily green, depending on which color the designer wants to make.Usually we choose green, because green for the eyes of stimulation is small, the production, the maintenance personnel during long time staring at the PCB production is not easy to eye fatigue damage to the eyes is small, the color of the commonly used and, yellow, black, red, and a variety of colors are after making good on the surface of spray paint.

PCB PCB production color common sense!

1. The reason of using green for PCB circuit board production?

(1) the domestic professional PCB production company introduction: green ink is by far the most widely used, the longest history, and in the current market is the cheapest, so green is used by a large number of manufacturers as the main color of their products.

(2) usually, PCB in the process of plate production, there are several process is to pass the yellow light room, because the green in the yellow light room shall be to the effect of other color is better, but this is not the main reason.In welding components, SMT solder paste on PCB production should pass and post process, and finally the AOI check lamp, the process of learning to optical orientation calibration, with a green background of instrument recognition effect is better.

2. What are the common colors in PCB PCB production?

(1) common PCB circuit boards produce red, yellow, green, blue and black.However, due to the production process and so on, the quality inspection process of many lines must rely on the workers' naked eyes to observe and identify (most of them are currently using flying needle test technology).In the case of bright light, the eyes keep staring at the board, which is very tiring. In contrast, green is the least eye injury, so most manufacturers in the market now use green PCB.

(2) domestic well-known PCB manufacturers is introduced: the principle of blue and black light is respectively mixed with cobalt and carbon element, has a certain electrical conductivity, in the case of electricity may be short circuit problem, and relatively green PCB production is environmentally friendly, when used in high temperature environment, generally will not release toxic gases.

Finally, small make up want to add that the about since middle and later periods of the last century, the industry has begun to pay attention to the color of the PCB questions, mainly because many high-end plates with a line of companies have used the green color of PCB design, so people will accept the green as the default color of the PCB.That is why PCB boards produce green.


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