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Manual welding matters needing attention

Sometimes than SMT manual welding hole (through - hole) welding is more challenging, because a smaller pin spacing and higher pin number. In the repair process, must be careful, don't will be printed circuit board assembly is overheating, or plating hole and pads are easy to damage. Is the requirement of outstanding operator manual welding and repair technology and good tool of process steps. When equipped with sufficient tools and training, the operator should be able to create reliable welding point. So in PCBA assembly and manufacturing process of manual welding process should pay attention to what problem?

Manual welding

1. Pay attention to overload protection (EOS) damage to the appliance

Electronic components and PCBA are susceptible to many different sources of accidental damage of electric power. Therefore, operation table and tools should be reliable grounding and good anti-static measures.

2. Safety voltage and current

In the operation of the soldering iron and tin absorption process should pay attention to safety, prevent the body electric shock.

3. Operation of civilization

Should not welding power, soldering pen is put right, prevent burns;

During the welding process should pay attention to don't want disorderly jilt of solder iron head. After completion of welding should be cleared of wire head, tin slag, tailings;

During the welding process should be protected from PCB goldfinger site to solder or other contaminants, prevent gold finger injury.

Above is the manual welding considerations, in order to better complete welding, we should strictly observe the rules, to ensure the welding quality.


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