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PCBA testing have what requirements

PCBA testing fixture is very important equipment in PCBA processing plant, usually placed at the end of the production process, checks whether the product is in good condition. In PCBA testing fixture production and test, to meet the prescribed requirements to improve test accuracy, improve the quality of the shipment.

PCBA testing fixture

What is a, PCBA testing fixtures

PCBA testing fixture is designed, power calibration, the function of the product life, performance testing, test a fixture. Because of its main in PCBA production line for product testing, the indicators of so called PCBA test fixture.

Second, the printed circuit board assembly testing fixture requirements

1, according to the test requirements and test board, choose good control mode can be after the structure of fixture design, can design load plate, pressure plate, the connector module, fixture loading board/clamp a reasonable avoidance, after testing the product corresponding protection measures to prevent damage to the test board.

2, fixture positioning accuracy, connecting the connector should be smooth.

3, fixture box rational layout, wiring and installation of the control system of space is enough.

4, optical fiber/MIC/SPK/insert SIM card simulation screens should be reserved, and the location area.

5, fixture should be reserved interface position right, enough, rational layout.

6, fixture box lock button bags or pressure should be adopted such as way to facilitate replacement parts and maintenance.

7, the correct zero calibration. Test fixtures will drift along with the test condition of transformation or is the different test fixtures and produce change, so the open circuit and short circuit of zero point correction is very necessary. So, FCT has grown test fixtures are open circuit and short circuit calibration Settings.

8, when there is breakage and aging fixture may continue to use needle in maintenance. If fixture appear damaged beyond repair and using customer changes no longer use, need to be redone.

PCBA testing fixture is usually for a certain product specially customized fixture, which can effectively improve productivity and quality delivery.


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