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Solder paste printing common defects

Solder paste is printed on the printed circuit board (PCB) deposition process of the solder paste to establish electrical connections. Followed by the component placement stage, in this process the equipment and materials used are steel web templates, solder paste and solder paste printer. In the solder paste printing often arise some bad.

Solder paste printing defects

1, the insufficient solder paste

Insufficient solder paste can result in component and plate junction between the poor and contacts. Insufficient solder paste is the common cause of bad welding plate, the template hole blockage is insufficient, lack of solder paste particle size, more than the recommended life use the solder paste/templates, template does not wipe clean or scraping pressure is low.

2, stains/bridge

Stains/bridge is the main reason of the scraper stress, lack of template to wipe, poor contact plate and the template, high temperature or high humidity, or solder paste viscosity is low.

3, not aligned printing

Typical misalignment printing is usually caused by the visual system, won't find benchmark, PCB or template drawing, plate and poor contact between the template or sheet support.


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