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PCB board via hole size selection

As the functions of electronic products become more and more complex, power consumption is getting larger and larger; the heat generated by the system is getting larger and larger, and the integration density of PCBs is getting higher and higher. According to relevant data, the PCB board area has been reduced by half, while the on-board integrated components have increased by 3.5 times, and the integration density of the entire PCB board has increased by 7 times. PCB boards and systems are moving toward higher density, faster speeds, and greater heat generation. In addition, due to the problem caused by overheating of the board, thermal simulation will become an indispensable step in the design process of electronic PCB. The traditional thermal simulation test is mainly in the product selection question about the via size of PCB board.

Usually R outer diameter - r inner diameter >= 8mil (0.2mm)

It is generally recommended that the outer diameter is 1MM, the inner diameter is 0.3-0.5MM, the denser line, the outer diameter is 0.6MM, and the inner diameter is 0.4-0.2MM.

There is no absolute standard for PCB

For large currents, the outer diameter can be made larger, and the holes can be made smaller. However, PCB manufacturers generally recommend using an inner diameter of 0.5 mm because they are not easily broken with a 0.5 turn. The transition below 0.5MM is easy to break.


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