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PCB substrate material selection

1. Gold plate (Electrolytic Ni / Au)

2.OSP board (OrganicSolderabilityPreservatives)

3. Silver plate (ImmersionAg)

4. Gold plate (ElectrolessNi/Au, ENIG)

5. Tin plate (ImmersionTin)

6. Spray tin plate

Gold plate

The cost of gold plated process is the highest among all plates, but it is the most stable of all the existing plates, and it is also the most suitable for use in lead-free processes. Especially in some high-priced or high-reliability electronic products, it is recommended. The sheet is used as a substrate.

2.OSP board

The OSP process has the lowest cost and is easy to operate. However, this process is still poorly popular due to the need for the assembly plant to modify the equipment and process conditions and the reworkability is poor. This type of plate is used to pre-cover the PAD after high temperature heating. The protective film is bound to be damaged, which leads to a decrease in solderability, especially when the substrate is subjected to secondary reflow. Therefore, if a DIP process is required in the process, the DIP end will face the challenge of soldering.

3. Silver plate

Although "silver" itself has a strong mobility, resulting in leakage, but today's "dip silver plating" is not a simple metal silver, but "organic silver" co-plated with organic matter, so it can meet the future. The demand for solderability is longer than that of OSP boards.

4. Gold plate

The biggest problem with such substrates is the "BlackPad" problem, so many large manufacturers do not agree to use them in the lead-free process, but most domestic manufacturers use this process.

5. Tin plate

Such substrates are prone to contamination and scratching, and the process (FLUX) will cause oxidative discoloration. Most domestic manufacturers do not use this process, and the cost is relatively high.

6. Spray tin plate

Because the cost is low, the solderability is good, the reliability is good, and the compatibility is the strongest. However, such a soldering tin plate with good soldering characteristics contains lead, so the lead-free process cannot be used.

In addition, most of the "tin-silver-copper spray tin plate" is difficult to use because of the fact that most of the processes are not used.


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