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what's is PCBA DFM

DFM is Design for Manufacturability (Manufacturability Design) for short, is a major researcher on the physical Design of the product itself and the relationship between the parts of manufacturing systems, and used in the product Design so that it will blend together the whole manufacturing system in the overall optimization. DFM can reduce the development cycle and cost of the products, can make it more smoothly into production. PCBA DFM is in PCBA new products into production, the reliability and feasibility of making the necessary of PCBA production analysis, as a PCB designer, you must consider the PCBA production process and finished product using the requirements of the different stage, should consider functional sex, circuit and mechanical aspects of things. In addition, the PCB layout should be as far as possible in the quality and reduce cost, and DFM part, this part is the place where the lowest cost of PCB assembly manufacturing error, you should consider: PCB drilling and gasket material selection impedance surface treatment Copper layer and copper evenly distributed Whether to achieve the best electrical properties No parts in the area of heavy components placed on the edge of the PCB bracket or nearby, and so on'


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