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What data files are required for PCBA test fixture production

In the PCBA factory, after completing the production welding of PCBA, it is necessary to customize the PCBA test fixture for this product to test the functional parameters of the PCBA board. When making a PCBA test fixture, the PCBA factory needs to provide the test device maker with the corresponding data file in order to make the correct test fixture.
First, the PCBA factory needs to provide information
The PCBA factory is required to provide Gerber files, BOM list, material requirements, and PCBA prototype for the PCBA board. If there is no sample, only Gerber files are available for production. The test fixture production facility can produce data based on the data provided by the Gerber file, such as wiring, solder mask, and test points.

Second, PCBA test fixture picture

The PCBA test device has high test accuracy, easy operation,also can batch testing, which can effectively reduce production costs.


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