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What are the requirements of PCBA board

Due to the small size of some PCB boards, it is often made into a jigsaw. After the PCBA processing and assembly is completed, the PCBA collage shall be separated.The separation method is mainly divided into two parts: the human subplate and the machine board. In the process of dividing board, some precautions should be paid attention to prevent the damaged PCBA board.Next, we will introduce the requirements of PCBA boards.

1. The requirements of the artificial board.

You must hold the lower edge of the PCBA plate with both hands when folding, and avoid bending deformation, PCBA electrical circuits and parts, and the damage of the tin channel, as far as possible from v-cut up to 20mm.

2. Requirements of machine substrates.

1) stable support points.

Without support, the resulting stress may damage the substrate and solder joints.The distortion of the plate or the stress of the assembly during the splice may cause hidden or obvious defects.

2) wear protective tools.

Before the operation, be sure to be ready for protection, and need to install the high frequency eye protection lighting device to protect the operator's safety.It's better to wear a pair of eyes to protect your eyes.

3) it is necessary to clean the main shaft and cutter of the machine frequently with alcohol to clear the PCB dust produced by the process of dividing board and keep the normal operation of the board.

4) after applying certain number of times, it is necessary to smooth the sliding rod and bearing of the board and to check whether there is any screw loose.

5) in the process of machine application, the surface of the workbench should be kept clean, and the best not to place other things, so as to avoid the damage of the tool and the damage of the articles.Although there is an electric eye for maintenance, it is important to keep the safe distance between the fingers and the cutter in the process of application.

In general, when PCBA is divided into boards, it is more efficient and less damaging to use the machine board.However, in the process of machine splitting, we should strictly follow the process and reduce the human error.

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