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6 items to be noted for purchasing PCBA

PCBA is the core of electronic products, like the army's position in the armed forces.Product reliability, ease of use and stability are closely related to PCBA quality.Therefore, in the process of purchasing PCBA, we need to pay urgent attention to the quality control points of PCBA, and take a professional look at whether each PCBA board meets the application requirements of electronic products.

Procurement of pcba

1. Reliability of welding of PCBA components.

Welding reliability directly determines the PCB circuit boards and components in the course of the use of electronic products, with the deepening of the product use, circuit board from oxidation, heat radiation, falling and overload use bad situation, can lead to the factory OK PCBA board began to present the welding problems, so as to product failure.In addition, in the PCBA processing, whether to adopt the brand home furnishings components, also is very important to the quality of the electronic products, a lot of second-hand or counterfeit components in use for a long time, failure would break out.PCB circuit board is still the same, according to the application environment of the product, prevent the deformation of PCB and the heat affected, these factors need to be taken into consideration in the purchase of PCBA, and carry out strict testing.

2. Performance report of PCBA aging test.

When purchasing PCBA in bulk, we need to carry out the aging test strictly.Extremely strict use condition for PCBA board, test its stability and reliability.In order to save cost, many enterprises omit this step, which result in the failure of batch products in the customer's hands, resulting in greater loss.Therefore, when purchasing PCBA, it is recommended to put forward the requirement of aging test for batch products, configure the aging test fixture and ask the supplier to provide the aging test performance report.

Procurement of pcba

3. Management of PCBA assembly process.

The assembly process of PCBA board and shell and packaging is also more important. Many improper assembly procedures can also lead to the damage of welding components on the PCBA board of OK, resulting in poor assembly.The PCBA supplier's assembly process needs to have strict operation instruction, and supervise the workers to complete according to the process.

4. Cleanliness of PCBA board surface.

PCBA surface cleanliness is very important, a lot of manual welding, flux, tin slag if remain in PCBA surface, in the process of the use of electronic products in the future, will cause unpredictable risk adverse.Therefore, PCBA manufacturers must be required to conduct professional ultrasonic cleaning on all batches of PCBA boards and prevent finger contamination.

5. Purchase the after-sales service ability of PCBA suppliers.

When purchasing PCBA, it is also very important to evaluate the supplier's after-sales service ability.Homer sometimes nods.With the depth of batch manufacturing, there will be undesirable phenomena, especially the ability of PCBA manufacturers to respond quickly and solve problems in time.

6. Make more profit when purchasing PCBA.

With the development of circuit board and SMT processing industry, the price of PCBA is extremely transparent, which can avoid the possibility of being killed with a little comparison or accounting.Profit is the biggest driving force of an enterprise's service customers. It has the profit to have the service and the highest standard quality control.In view of this, in the process of purchasing PCBA, thinking, need not have been bargaining for PCBA manufacturer appropriate profits, contributes to perfect their products manufacturing, maximizing self-interest.At this point, companies in developed countries such as Japan are doing extremely well.

The procurement of PCBA is a multi-step evaluation of technology, management and service, which requires the procurement personnel to review from multiple perspectives and lay a good foundation for the PCBA manufacturing process of electronic products.


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