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SMT component removal technique

SMT chip processing elements should be removed without damaging the components quickly. Generally speaking, it is not easy.It takes constant practice to master, otherwise it is easy to destroy the components.The following is an introduction to SMT component removal techniques.One foot, for SMD components less components, such as resistor, capacitor, two, triode, first on one PCB solder tin, then left hand with forceps clamping element on the installation position and hold onto the circuit board, the right hand with the soldering iron will have the pin on the tin solder welding is good.The left hand tweezers can be loosened, and the rest of the feet are welded with tin wire.It is also easy to remove such elements, as long as the soldering iron is used to heat the two ends of the device together, and then remove the element by gently lifting the tin after it is melted.2, for more components, SMT processing components pin spacing wide SMT components, is also used a similar approach, first on a solder tin, with forceps clamping components and then left one foot welding is good, the rest of the foot with a tin wire welding.The disassembly of such components is generally better with a hot air gun, with a hot air gun to blow the solder and the other hand with tweezers to remove the element while the solder melts.3. For the component with high pin density, it is similar in the welding procedure, that is, welding one foot first and then the rest of the foot with the solder.The number of feet is more and more dense, the alignment of pin and welding disc is the key.Usually choose on the Angle of welding plate, only a few tin plating, use tweezers or hand components and welding plate alignment, pin edges are aligned, hold in the component on the PCB board, with corresponding pins will be soldering iron plate welding.Instead of shaking the circuit board, turn it gently and weld the pins on the remaining corners.When the four corners are soldered, the components will not move, and the remaining pins will be soldered.When welding, apply some rosin water, with a small amount of tin, and one pin at a time.Finally, the removal of high pin density elements is mainly used in hot air gun, using tweezers to clamp the elements, blowing all pins with the hot air gun, and lifting the components when they melt.If the components are removed, try not to be at the center of the device as much as possible.Remove the unit and use soldering iron.About: LEAPPCB is a reputable PCB circuit board factory.It provides professional circuit board proofing, PCB proofing, single and double panel 12 hours, SMT patch, PCB layout design and other services.LEAPPCB focuses on PCBA one-stop service and is dedicated to becoming a global leader in PCB circuit board.


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