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What are the functions of the chips in the circuit board

Circuit boards are becoming more and more important in today's electronic products. They are equivalent to the lifeblood of electronic products. It is one of the most important originals. We all know that the circuit board can really promote the normal operation of electronic components. Different kinds of components, because the connection of each component can make the circuit board play a normal role, then what are their respective functions? Today we will introduce the role of the chip.
    We all know that the chip belongs to the core original in the circuit board. The status of a circuit board is determined by the chip. In the circuit board, the north line chip and the south bridge chip can be divided according to the position of the line arrangement. Different positions and functions; Northbridge chips generally provide support for CPU type and frequency, memory type and maximum capacity, ISA/PCI/AGP slot, ECC error correction, etc., usually on the motherboard near the CPU socket Since the heat generation of such chips is generally high, a heat sink is mounted on the chip. The South Bridge chip is mainly used to connect with I/O devices and ISA devices, and is responsible for managing interrupts and DMA channels to make the device work more smoothly. It provides KBC (keyboard controller) and RTC (real-time clock controller). USB (Universal Serial Bus), Ultra DMA/33 (66) EIDE data transmission and ACPI (Advanced Energy Management) support, etc., close to the PCI slot.


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