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PCB Board repair

In recent years, the degree of automation of industrial equipment is getting higher and higher, so the number of industrial control boards in various industries is also increasing. After the industrial control boards are damaged, the high cost of replacing the Circuit Board (a few thousand yuan, more tens of thousands or one hundred thousand) has also become a headache for businesses. Circuit Board maintenance as a new repair industry, also in rapid development. Damaged circuit boards are mostly repairable in China and save 70-80% of the cost of buying a new board, and take much less time than setting boards abroad. Here are the basics of circuit board maintenance.

Circuit Board repair TIPS SHARING

Almost all PCB circuit board repairs do not have drawing materials, so many people are skeptical about circuit board repairs, although the various circuit boards vary widely But what remains constant is that each type of circuit board is made up of a variety of integrated blocks, resistors, capacitors, and other components, so the damage to the circuit board must be caused by damage to one or more of these components The idea of circuit board maintenance is based on the above factors. Circuit Board maintenance is divided into detection and maintenance of two parts, which occupies a very important position. Every component on the circuit board to repair the basic knowledge of the test, until the bad find replacement, then a circuit board is repaired.

Board detection is the process of finding, identifying and correcting the faults of every electronic component on a board. In fact, the whole test process is the thinking process and the test process that provides the logical reasoning clue. Therefore, the test engineer must accumulate experience and improve his level gradually in the process of circuit board maintenance, test and repair.

General electronic equipment is composed of thousands of components, in the maintenance, overhaul, rely on direct test PCB board in each component to find the problem will be very time-consuming It's also very difficult to implement. So from the fault phenomenon to the cause of the fault, the type of maintenance, is an important method of maintenance. Once the circuit board has been detected, it is easy to fix.


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