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Production of pcb and use of inspection instruments

For the application of the secondary imager, we all know that it has a wide range of applications, widely used in mobile phone accessories, home appliances, connectors, mechanical parts, precision fixtures, plastics, hardware, computer peripheral industries and other workpieces. Two-dimensional inspection. At the same time, there are still many applications for image measuring instruments that we have not fully understood and applied.


In the application of image measuring instrument, there is an application that we touch a lot but it is not mentioned above, that is PCB inspection. The application of the secondary image measuring instrument to PCB inspection can be divided into two main aspects:


First, in the PCB industry, the second-dimensional image measuring instrument is mainly used for the measurement of high-density PCB shape. Nowadays, on the basis of the strict requirements of the original electrical performance, the customers have gradually moved towards the requirements of the appearance of the PCB. The shape tolerances also tend to be harsh, so the image measuring instrument tool just makes up for this gap, and even more PCB manufacturers prefer the more sophisticated three-dimensional measuring instrument.


Second, in the level of possible expansion of the level, the image measuring instrument can also be used for the measurement of PCB film, suitable for a high-tech detection of production tools in the plate making process. Through the data provided by the project, the distance between any points of the PCB film is measured by the second element, and the data list is analyzed for analysis, so that the PCB film expansion and contraction coefficient can be scientifically obtained, thereby more scientifically assisting the production.


Because of the so-called PCB inspection, we use the instrument we want to detect the length, width and height of the PCB. Therefore, we can use the secondary image measuring instrument to detect it. Of course, for the high detection of PCB, we can use the secondary image. The probe is added on the basis of the instrument to achieve the purpose of simple three-dimensional detection, and this is more than enough for the high detection of the PCB.


In the PCB inspection technology and testing equipment, we can clearly see from the above introduction that the use of the secondary image measuring instrument to complete the PCB related parameters detection, which is completely achievable by the secondary imager, and can be high Quality completes PCB related inspection tasks.


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