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Precautions for designing FPC flexible circuit boards

FPC not only has electrical functions, we know the purpose of using FPC, so the design should take into account the machine and electrical properties.

   1. Current Capacity, Thermal Design: The thickness of the copper foil used in the conductor section is related to the current capacity and thermal design of the circuit. The thicker the conductor copper foil, the smaller the resistance value and the inverse relationship. Once heated, the conductor resistance will increase. In the double-sided through hole structure, the thickness of the copper plating can also lower the resistance value.

   2. Insulation: There are many factors that affect the insulation properties, and it is not as stable as the resistance value of the conductor.

   First, the basic route must be designed, and then the shape of the FPC should be designed. The main reason for adopting FPC is that it wants to be miniaturized. The second is to determine the form of the wiring. There are many restrictions on circuit wiring, especially the need to bend back and forth. If not designed properly, it will greatly reduce its life. It is necessary to use a single-sided FPC in principle. If the line is too complicated and you have to use a double-sided FPC, you should pay attention to the following points:

   1. See if you can use the through hole. Because the plating of the through holes has an adverse effect on the folding resistance.

   2. If the through hole is not used, the through hole in the meandering portion does not need to be plated with copper.

   3. Make a zigzag part separately with a single-panel FPC, and then join the two-sided FPC.


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