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About the troubleshooting sequence of the board

(1) First, carefully observe the surface of the faulty circuit board for obvious fault traces. For example, whether there is an integrated IC or other components that are burnt and burned, whether the circuit board has traces of broken wires.

(2) Understand the process of the fault, analyze the cause of the fault, and infer the possible parts of the faulty device.

(3) Understand and analyze the application properties of the faulty circuit board and count the types of integrated ICs used.

(4) Sort according to the location of each type of integrated IC and the probability of failure.

(5) Using various detection methods, sequentially detecting in order of likelihood, gradually narrowing the scope of the fault.

(6) Determine the specific faulty device. When replacing the good integrated IC, it is best to install an IC device socket for trial replacement.

(7) If it is still abnormal after the installation test, it should be tested again until all faults on the faulty circuit board are repaired.


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