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single layer AL board

white aluminum pcb board

  • fr4 1.6mm board thickness
  • 1oz copper thickness
  • HASL lead free
  • green soldermask color
  • Product description: white aluminum pcb board

white aluminum pcb board

metallic material

Aluminum substrate, copper substrate, copper-aluminum composite plate thickness


Surface treatment

Lead-Free Tin Spray / Immersion Gold / OSP Antioxidant

biggest size


smallest size


Minimum line width

0.1mm (4mil)

Minimum line spacing

0.1mm (4mil)

Minimum aperture

∮ 0.5mm maximum unlimited

E-T test

100% computer open short circuit test

Warp degree

0.5% (size 350mm*350mm)

Peel strength


Copper thickness


Molding method CNC computer tamper/mold punching/computer V-CUT appearance tolerance CNC: ±0.1mm-0.15mm; mold punch: ±0.125mm

Solder resist type White oil or various colors Solder resist oil Character line width 0.125mm minimum

Monthly production capacity 20000 square meters or more Delivery Period Aluminum substrate: Sample: 1-2 days, batch 5-7 days, Copper substrate: Sample: 3-5 days, Batch 6-8 days

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