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Rigid flexible board

2 layer rigid flexible circuit board

  • 1mm board thickness
  • 1oz copper thicness
  • immersion gold
  • yellow color white silkscreen
  • Product description: 2 layer rigid flexible circuit board

Rigid flexible circuit board

Base material single surface electrolytic material, FR4 hardboard material, public test: plus or minus 1mm

Hole minimum aperture of 0.20mm

Hole copper thickness: 8-15um

Line width: 0.070mm&0.1mm

Zedoary AU: 0.03 to 0.05 um NI: um 5-8

The reinforcement tolerance is plus or minus 0.2mm

Appearance tolerance plus or minus 0.1mm

Exposure tolerance plus or minus 0.075mm

Packing: vacuum/air bubble bags/pearl cotton

Origin: China

HS Code: 8534009000

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