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  • Automobile control pcb board
Automobile control pcb board

Automobile control pcb board

  • 2.0mm board thickness
  • 1oz copper thicness
  • Immersion Gold
  • green color white silkscreen
  • Product description: Automobile control pcb board

Thickness: 2mm  + / - 0.2 mm

TG value: 170 degrees

Size: 111 mm * 84.84 mm

Minimum aperture: 0.45mm

Minimum line width: 0.254mm

Minimum line distance: 0.179mm

Most pore copper: 25um

Table copper thick: 56 um or higher

Minimum green oil bridge: 0.1mm

Surface treatment: heavy gold

Jin Hou: p 1 u"

Terminal products: vehicle control


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