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  • 6 layer immersion gold printed circuit board
6 layer immersion gold printed circuit board

6 layer immersion gold printed circuit board

  • 6 layer pcb
  • printed circuit board
  • immersion gold board
  • gold circuit board
  • Product description: 6 layer immersion gold printed circuit board
Production pattern: PCBA

PCB layers: 6 layer board

Plate: FR4

Type: custom

Packing: vacuum/air bubble bags/pearl cotton
Origin: China

HS Code: 8534009000

How to distinguish between multi-layer circuit boards and single-layer circuit boards

1, pick up against the light, the inner core is opaque, that is, all are black, is the multi-layer board, and vice versa is a single and double panel, and the single panel, only one layer of wiring, there is no hole inside copper. The double-panel has a line on both the front and the back, and there is copper in the guide hole.

2, the most fundamental difference is the number of lines is different:

Single-layer circuit board has only one layer of wiring (copper layer), all holes are non-metallized holes, electroless plating process

The two-layer circuit board has two layers of lines (copper layer), with metallized holes and non-metallized holes, and has an electroplating process.

3. The circuit board is divided into a single-sided circuit board, a double-sided circuit board and a multi-layer circuit board, and the multi-layer circuit board refers to a circuit board of three or more layers. The manufacturing process of the multilayer circuit board is to add an inner lamination process to the single and double panels. It can also be analyzed by using slice distraction.

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