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  • FAQS before the order
FAQS before the order

Before a order


Q:  Is there a minimum quantity?

There are no minimum order,1pcs is ok if that is all you want. But usually the price is same as 100 pcs if the board size is small,you know pcb production procedure and the production cost is very high for 1 pcs.We suggest your DIY the board by yourself if you really just want 1pcs.

Q:  What's our quality warranty?

We are committed to providing our customers highest quality and value PCB,comply with the  ISO9001:2000 quality management system and UL approvals.

We used the best material supplier products,especially the white ink soldermask color.There have some factory used the cheapest white ink,but we used the best white ink for LED board.

Q:  What's the customer file privacy policy?

All information from our customers is used strictly for our reference and will not be passed on to any third party.

Q:  Can you get a lower price for larger volum quantity?

Yes,more quantity,more cheaper.But the specific price according to the PCB file and specification.

Q:  Can you send the invoice and write lower value in the invoice paper for decrease the import tax?

Yes,we will send the invoice to you by email and will write the value as your repuest.Please send email and note that in the mail.



Q:  How do get a quote from leappcb?

Please feel free to send below information to luwispcb@gmail.com and we will send the exact quotation within 24 hours( for the different country times lag).

The PCB GERBER file,PCB specification( board thickness,copper thickness,surface treatment,soldermask color,silkscreen color,board quantity and so on ). The bom list for PCBA,It's very important for the above information,also please send below information togather:

your company name,country,website and the shipping address.We will reply to you ASAP after received your email.

Q:  What is our service time ?

Our working time is from AM 8:00 to PM 22:00,If your order placed after 22:00(GMT+8) ,we will be processed the order in the following business day. Please send email to us,we will reply to you ASAP for the customer come from different country.

Q:  Can I place an order in the weekend?

Yes. We have saler on weekend on duty and will send the quotation to you asap after received your email.

Q:  Do I still need to pay setup and tooling fee for repeat order?

The tooling cost will be free if your order quantity over 3 SQM.

Q:  Why do we charge the mold fee?

2 Moulding Methods for PCB--- Routing and Mould Punching

Routing:With CNC routing machine

Processing efficiency is low, but good look, the relatively high cost

Mould Punching:It's made by the high-speed punching machine, fast with high efficiency,suitable for the large quantity and short delivery time,also could save the cost. If needs the mould for the punching, then the mould fee comes into being. But it needs the mould for the punching, mould charge will depend on your PCB size and design. We will refund the mould fee to you, if the board order over 15000usd/year.

Q:  what's the pcb test methods and they difference?

There are three tests methods---Visual inspection, the Flying probe test and the E-Test.

Visual inspection:it's inspected with the high magnified glass by eyes.

Flying Probe Test:the probe moving and touching with all the circuit pad according to the Pre-programmed procedures tests if they are ok, the speed is low, suitable for the small quantity samples.

E-test:test by the Electronic testing machine, that's fast speed and Accurate judgment, suitable for large quantity and widely used. But we need make E-test tool, Therefore, there have cost to make E-test tool.

Thanks for you submitting above information, we will reply you in the early time.



Q: What format file do leappcb need for PCB assembly?

1)BOM List(.xsl format data file)

The BOM needs reference designators, value, package/decal, description, and part number.

2)Please offer the Pick & Place file(*. pcb format or *.TXT format)

3)Picture of the final pcba product.

4)Solder paste stencil.

5)Please offer the model and footprint for each component in the BOM list.

3.Test method.

1)Visual Inspection.

2)Channel / circuit / short circuit Test.

3)Functional Test.

4) LCR test(test of inductor, capacitor and resistor)

For PCB file


Please try your best to send the PCB GERBER file,thanks.

PCB specification


Q:  What is the standard specification PCB?

FR4, 1.6mm thickness, 1oz copper weight, white silkscreen color, green solder mask color,  HASL lead free surface treatment.

Q:  If the hole size defined in the Gerber file is the finished hole diameters?

The hole size (contained in your Gerber file) is assumed as the finished hole diameters after plating. The tolerance of size is +/-0.1mm.

Q:  Can both non-plated through holes (NPTH) and plated through holes (PTH) together in one board?

Yes, the board can. But you need to define these non-plated through holes in your drill file or using a README.txt file. If we can’t find this information, all holes will be plated.

Q:  Can order a PCB with a non-rectangular shape?

Yes,any board outline shape is accepted, while a rectangular outline (the minimum rectangular shape which can cover the entire PCB) will be used to calculate the board size.The shape should be clearly indicated in at least one of your copper layers. Otherwise you must supply a mechanical plan, separate from the Gerber file, indicating the shape of the PCB. This file has to have a reference to the copper layers, or has to have the same offset as the other layers.

Q:  Can the custom-shaped boards with slots, cut-outs, etc.?


Q:  Does leappcb bevel gold fingers?

Yes. A standard 45-degree bevel will be added to your edge connector. We can also bevel at 15 or 30 degrees upon request. For multi-layer boards please insure adequate back set for the bevels. Please mention this in the order form when placing your order.

Q:  What solder mask color have for the board?

We use green Liquid Photo Imageable (LPI) solder mask for the standard prototype PCBs.

The other soldermask color have red,white,blue,black,yellow,we can produce as your request.

Q:  Can use CEM-3 for the prototype order rather than FR-4?

Yes ,according to your request.

Q:  What's the fabrication supplier name?

Customers can specify the material supplier for production orders. For prototype and low volume orders, the following are the main suppliers for FR4 board: Kingboard (Hong Kong), NanYa (Taiwan) and Shengyi (China).

Q:  Do you make flexible PCBs?





Please send the PCB GERBER file and BOM list to us if you want to get the quote.



Q:  What payment methods does LEAPPCB accept?

You can pay by T/T,westunion,paypal.

The payment link as below:




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