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flexible printed circuit board

flexible printed circuit board
Product name : flexible printed circuit board
Item : LPAF150429
Details :
 Shenzhen Leap Electronic FPC main parameters:
Substrate: polyimide / polyester substrate thickness: 0.025mm --- 0.125mm
Copper thickness: 0.009MM0.018mm 0.035mm 0.070mm 0.010mm
Double-sided copper collapsible rolling resistance, good tensile strength, less stretchable material;
Laminate analysis: PI film + glue + substrate (line copper + plastic + PI + base + glue copper lines) + glue + PI film;
Soldering resistance: 85 --- 105 degree / 280 degree --- 360 degree
Product range: single fpc, double-sided fpc, multilayer fpc, double-sided Flex PCB, multilayer rigid-flex board,
Module board, camera plate, backlight panels, light bar board, hollow board, cable board, mobile board, touch panel, key boards, etc.
The minimum line width: 0.075mm / 0.075mm (3mil / 3mil)
Minimum drilling aperture: 0.15mm (6mil)
Minimum punching aperture: φ0.50mm
The minimum cover film bridge width: 0.30mm
Drilling minimum spacing: 0.20mm
Anti-flexing capability:> 150,000 times
Etching tolerance: ± 0.25 mil
Exposure of Tolerance: ± 0.05mm (2mil)
Ink Type: photosensitive solder oil, UV curing oil, a local solder oil + protective film, peelable solder oil, carbon paste, silver paste
Ink colors: common colors are green, yellow, black, other colors can be modulated in accordance with customer demand
Projection drilling tolerance: ± 0.025mm (1mil)
Stickers pi membrane Tolerance: <0.10mm (4mil)
Strong and tape supplement for Tolerance: <0.1mm (4mil)
Surface coating technology: Environmental RoHS, OSP antioxidant, immersion gold surface treatment;
Shape Processing: steel touch molding
Forming Tolerance: EDM mode ± 0.05mm ± 0.1mm high speed wire mold
II. Features 1. FPC cable. In free bending, winding, folding, sliding and make a million times; 2. Easy to use, exceptionally strong flexibility, compact, flexible; help reduce the cost of transportation and warehousing;
III. Field of application widely used to connect low resistance and slide the electronic part and slim products. Such as various electronic read-write heads, scanners, display modules, printers, DVD players, PDA, automotive and aerospace instrumentation, mobile phone accessories, walkie-talkies, miniature motors. Connecting member mobile phones, video phones, portable computers, aerospace, medical equipment, digital cameras, high-end automobile instruments and other compression module or LCD tablets FPC;
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