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PCB positioning holes Requirements

Author : Luwis Li Date : 2015-7-20 9:33:43
 Development PCB design industry has become mature, so the requirements for printed circuit board positioning holes is very sound
Positioning hole requirements are as follows.

Must be set at least two positioning holes in the board at a diagonal.
Positioning hole standard aperture of 3.2mm _ + 0.05mm.
For veneer enterprises of different products is also available in the following preferred aperture: 2.8mm ± 0.05mm, 3.0mm ± 0.5mm, 3.5mm ± 0.5mm and 4.5mm ± 05mm. For the same product on different boards (such as ZXJlO the DT board and PP board, etc.), if the same PCB dimensions, the positioning hole location must also be unified.
Positioning holes for the pupil, namely non-metallic vias (RF board excluded).
If you already have mounting holes (except for hand-clasping mounting hole) meet the above requirements, do not have another place to set aperture.
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